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Once you've told us a bit more about what you and your child are looking for, we will send you a confirmation email. This will give you access to a selection of tutors who fit the bill. You can talk to these tutors online, for free, and decide which one is the best match for your child.

Fits in with Family Life

87% of parents preferred online to home tutoring*

Recommended by Parents
9/10 parents would recommend online tuition*

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Improves Grades
92% of parents said their child's grades improved*

Our online tutoring partners are completely different from traditional methods of supporting your child’s learning. They work by putting parents in touch with young, high-achieving subject specialists, for ‘at home’ tutoring via a live video link. It’s convenient, and it really seems to get results - last year, 92% of students reached or exceeded their desired grades.

It’s extremely cost-effective too - session prices average £20 an hour. You can meet a variety of tutors before you decide to book, and pay as you go with no minimum commitment. Your child can log on from wherever you are, so no need to miss sessions for family holidays.

Getting a healthy balance of study and leisure is really tough with traditional tutoring - by the time you’ve got there and back, it can feel as though there’s no room for downtime.
With online tuition, kids can relax as soon as the session’s over, so they stay happy and engaged: they’re less likely to resent the additional commitment - and a lot less likely to become tired and stressed.

Kids these days are completely comfortable with the concept of learning online - this is the YouTube generation, after all. The digital classroom is completely interactive, keeping even teenagers (!) engaged in the lesson. They can talk face-to-face with their tutor via video chat, share files, diagrams and past papers, and solve problems together using the digital whiteboard to write, type and draw. They can even watch tutorials back when it’s time to revise.

All 4,000+ tutors are current or recent undergraduates with outstanding grades - A or A* at A-level, or level 6/7 at IB. They’re young, successful and focused - more like a role model than a schoolmaster. If you’ve ever watched your child forge a real connection with a great youth leader or sports coach, you’ll know how motivating that rapport can be.

How it works

Brilliant value

Why online?

Digital classrooms - huh?

Young, inspired, motivated

Reach better tutors, achieve better grades 

To get the new school year off to the best possible start, find A/A* university students to tutor your child online. It's a brilliant way to build confidence and boost grades - plus it’s flexible, fits in with your family life, and is really cost-effective, with no minimum commitment.

Tell us which subject your child needs help with in the box above - it's really simple and takes less than one minute. 

5* reviews from over 37,000 customers

Tested by parents

"My daughter has had some personal maths tutoring in the past and this online experience compared very favourably indeed (at a fraction of the cost!). I would recommend the website and we will be continuing with tutoring as long as needed - the support in completing any 'gaps' in her knowledge from lessons which are too fast-paced in school is invaluable." See feedback from more Mumsnet users, here.

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'(My daughter) got an A in the end and I have recommended it to others.'

* based on a 2016 survey of MyTutor customers

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